Beth Bhavani Hope

Beth Hope – Bhavani Hope

This site is currently down for non-payment. Beth Hope owes thousands of dollars for design fees. She refuses to pay because we used “fear” instead of “love” with her to collect, meaning we pulled her site down. After seven years of waiting to get paid from her, clearly love doesn’t work. She still doesn’t pay us.

Beth Hope, self-proclaimed yogi and bhakti, doesn’t own this domain because she won’t pay us for it – after we footed the bill on it for 7 years. Never paid us a dime for the domain. And the hosting for this website? 7 years – nothing.

That’s not even to mention all of the other work we did for Bhaktirupa, Yoga Kamala, Samana Yoga, Reiki or her personal site, Bhavani Hope.

Bhavani Hope yoga and bhaktirupa continues to run around, incurring debt, with no intention of paying any of it.

If she entices you with positive thinking about manifesting a lot of money, beware, because the only way Beth manifests things in her life is by taking them without paying for them. So while she’s off chanting her love for God, we are starving and not getting paid for our work or the money we spent to put up a website for her – for seven years.